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What is Wikiagri?

Asmall, young web portal dedicated to the disclosure of the techniques, simple and sophisticated, to improve the quality of our knowledge concerning agricultural production, from companies to orchards and private gardens, through the City Farming.

In timesof increasing difficulties in food supplies, to the diminishing availability of water, increase transport costs and pollution emissions, we wanted to engage in the creation of a website that reflected – and, where possible, answer – the questions, the curiosity of a public increasingly aware of the need for change.

Awareness, this is the other need. To bring out what in the end, people have in themselves, thinking about the difficulties of course, but also a possible health, to an improvement.

A range of people increasinglyspecialized and increasingly interested in putting into practice, by analogy, a famous phrase from an equally famous American president, which he pronounced in the 60′s facing a huge audience of voters.

Similarly, we should “.. Do notask yourself what the Earth can do for us, but .. What We can do for the Earth “

Even the single, private, can operate for a Sustainable Development. By learninga few small, simple techniques for saving water. By learning how to grow your own small garden and natural products to get zero miles. Learning and, perhaps, being passionate: as it happened to us.

Professional farmers,or owners of a small terrace with a few vases … Come and visit us. Give us any ideas, share them with others and compare them with our own.
We shall see where Water can bring us